A really inspiring chat with Elaine and others from Lilyfield at St Mary’s Church in Wavertree. They have created a very welcoming cafe area at the Church which is open to everyone in the community and especially people who have experience of distress. Their Monday morning sessions are supported by people who were previously based at a drop-in centre which has now closed.

We talked about their singing sessions and how they could develop some songs of their own to describe their own experiences*. They’ll be holding another talent contest, so hopefully we’ll hear their creations there.

Elaine is also keen to hear from other faith organisations who have set up similar drop in sessions to welcome people who have experienced distress. I was surprised to hear that there aren’t existing networks to share that learning, because I know that people who are feeling vulnerable often turn to the Church as a calm and peaceful space. I had assumed that there would be a network around mental health for people to share and learn.

*They’d watched the video of the St Helens Carers Complaints Choir here:


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